On behalf of the members of Nichols-Bethel United Methodist Church, we extend to you greetings in the name of Jesus and a warm welcome to our online fellowship. We are happy you have found us and hope that Nichols-Bethel Church will be able to offer you ample opportunities for personal Christian growth. Wishing you peace and grace in all that you do and wherever you go, we remain Your Friends in Christ,

Rev. Clark

Clark Carr, Lead Pastor


Katie Saari, Associate Pastor 


Linda Coolbaugh, Minister of Christian Education & Outreach

OREN, BARRY; (Staff)46

Barry Oren, Certified Lay Minister Candidate

STAVELY, AMY; (Staff)105

Amy Stavely, Church Secretary/Finance Secretary

SMITH, RICK; (Staff)230

Cathy Smith, Program Ministries Coordinator

CARR, KIM; (Staff)60

Kim Carr, Youth Director


Liz Williams, Interim Assistant Youth Director


Mary Carol Rogowski, Organist, Chancel & Youth Choir Director

YANT, WAYNE; (Staff)10

Wayne Yant, 8 O'Clock Singers Choir Director

PRATT, LARRY; (Staff)5

Larry Pratt, Custodian

MABRY, JAMES; (Staff)139

Jim Mabry, Custodian

GESKEY, John & Cindy; Kaitlyn

Cindy Geskey, Staff and Parish Relations Committee Chair

BRILL, RUSSELL; (Staff)106

Russ Brill, Church Council Chair