Thank you for your support to Nichols-Bethel United Methodist Church.  Your generosity and financial contribution will allow the church to maintain and expand the many missions that the church supports.  Through your faithful stewardship you are helping to support God's work in our congregation, our community, and throughout the world.

We offer safe and secure online giving through EasyTithe via e-Check, Visa, or MasterCard.  You can choose to give a one-time donation or to set up recurring donation at a given interval.  The same portal enables you to track all of your online donations and to modify your recurring donation at any time.

If you are currently giving on a weekly basis, you no longer need to write out 52 checks a year or prepare 52 envelopes. And, when travel, illness, a busy schedule, or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, this program will allow your weekly offerings to continue on an uninterrupted basis.  Consistent giving (both monetary and service) is a hallmark of good stewardship and the foundation for all else that the church is able to accomplish.

Thank you for your generous support!


You can also use the EasyTithe app for iOS or Android devices.