The Nichols Memorial Methodist Protestant Church in Odenton, Maryland was formally opened with a dedicatory service on April 5, 1891. The idea of the church was an inspiration of John Robert Nichols who has been a Methodist minister for fifty consecutive years. The development of the church was basically a family effort assisted by friends and colleagues who donated land, materials, and furnishings. The church was thus named as a memorial to Reverend Nichols.

Not far away in Admiral, Maryland (now Fort George G. Meade) the Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church South was built in 1872 on land given for the church by the four daughters of Richard and Priscilla Disney. Three of their husbands also signed the deed. Following World War I, the federal government acquired the land for a military installation whereupon a new Bethel Church was built in Odenton, Maryland.

The history of the two churches followed similar patterns throughout the years. The ministers usually served other churches on the circuit and the churches served the communities as centers for social life as well as providing houses of worship. Consequently, deep feelings of commitment and belonging developed among members to each other and to the churches.

Following the 1939 unification of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and the Methodist Protestant Church, the Bethel Church merged with Nichols Memorial Methodist Protestant Church. The Nichols Memorial Bethel Methodist Church was created in 1942.

Beginning with serious discussions in 1958, a new church was built on Route 175 and Murray Road with the first service being held on September 23, 1962. Since that time, additions and improvements have been made.

In April of 1968 the United Methodist Church came into being as a result of the union of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and the Methodist Church.

Today the Nichols-Bethel United Methodist Church with its history of over one hundred and thirty years enjoys membership throughout and beyond the Greater Odenton Area.