Volunteers in Mission

Nichols-Bethel actively participates in United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM), a program that provides opportunities for service in places of need around the world by developing and nurturing relationships with domestic and international leaders and connects volunteers with suitable projects for effective service.  The church supports various VIM groups (both young adult and general membership) that serve both local and more distant communities in need.

Mission 100 Update

Have you considered giving to the NBUMC mission support program this year?  In March, 2013, monies donated to this program were used to purchase desks for a newly constructed school block in Mashambanhaka, Zimbabwe. Future donations will be used for both overseas and local Volunteer In Mission (VIM) projects.

Mission 100 Club

What is the Mission 100 Club?  It’s a new Nichols-Bethel UMC effort to provide funding to support Jim Gourley and other Volunteers in Mission (VIM) participants and projects.  The idea is to get at least 100 members of the congregation to “buy” at least one “share” in the mission club at the cost of $100 per share per year.  Groups within the church such as Sunday School classes or study groups can also participate by buying shares.  The funds will be used to purchase the supplies and materials for the global mission projects supported by our church.  To participate, just forward the price of a “share” (either as a single donation or spread over several donations) to Nichols-Bethel, marked for the VIM Mission 100 Club.  To learn more about this effort, contact Doug Wallace.

June VIM Project

On June 2nd, a group from NBUMC completed a UMM sponsored local Volunteers in Mission (VIM) project to construct a roof cover over part of the wheelchair ramp for an elderly member of our Church. The homeowner expressed appreciation for the work, indicating it will provide her much needed protection in getting in and out of her house during inclement weather. She also expressed appreciation for the fellowship during the day. All the workers who participated were blessed in sharing that fellowship with her.

VIM-Rebuilding Together Project July 21st

The day of the VIM project with Rebuilding Together (RT) of Anne Arundel County, involving an elderly couple in the Severna Park area is currently set for Sat, July 21st. If you are interested in helping in this project, contact Doug Wallace, 410-969-8640, email dougwall1@comcast.net .

First VIM Project of 2007 Completed

The VIM mission program got started off with a bang this year with the first local VIM project on Saturday, January 6th.  The project was relocating a storage shed for a member of our community.  The work was somewhat challenging due to the tight location and ground conditions (wet and muddy) in which we had to work.  But through a little ingenuity, a lot of muscle, and great teamwork, we got the job done.  Thanks to all who came out to help.

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