Chesapeake Bay Workcamp 2015

Well if you haven't heard we're doin' it again! The Chesapeake Bay Workcamp (CBW) 2015 is ready to roll out!  Please come and join the festivities and learn what's new – and that's quite a bit!

We are undertaking a bit of a breakthrough approach for the CBW, including:

Bringing the CBW to our community every year for the foreseeable future!

Bringing multiple churches on board:

  • 4 -5 churches each year will help spread the financial load out
  • Provide a volunteer base for all phases of the camp
  • Help develop sites throughout the north county area
  • We will develop and train a new cosponsoring church each year to help distribute the workload

This is a really exciting concept and Group Workcamps is excited to see how our model shapes up and works out! It really is an exciting way for us to help others in our community and take the Gospel of Jesus Christ with us! Think of the impact of a workcamp every year for the next 5 – 6 years and maybe beyond!

Think of the impact you can have in this endeavor!

Contact the church office to find out about our next scheduled meeting.

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