Lifetree Cafe – Odenton – Thursday at 7:00PM

July 17, 7:00pmIf Only…Living with regret (video preview)

How to overcome regrets and make peace with the past will be explored at Lifetree Café.

The program features the filmed story of Chad Arnold, a man whose need for an organ transplant prompted his brother to volunteer to be a donor. Arnold's brother died as a result of the surgery; Arnold survived.

"We all have regrets about what we've done or left undone," says Lifetree representative Craig Cable. "This program, titled 'If Only: Living With Regret,' offers practical steps to move past regrets and live happier, healthier lives."

July 24, 7:00pm: To Frack or Not to Frack: An informative hour of respectful conversation (video preview)

The facts and fiction about fracking will be considered at a community forum hosted by Lifetree Café.

The program, titled "To Frack or Not to Frack? An Informative Hour of Respectful Conversation," features filmed interviews with both supporters and detractors of fracking.

"The U.S. is on its way to energy independence, thanks to hydraulic fracturing," says Tisha Schuller, President of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

"I consider fracking one of the single greatest threats to our health and that of our environment," says fracking activist Shane Davis. "I studied 1,000 spill reports, and 43 percent of them resulted in groundwater contamination."

Community members will also have the opportunity to weigh in with their opinions.

July 31, 7:00pm: Miracles or Mere Coincidences? Does everything happen for a reason? (video preview)

The question of whether miracles are real-and happening today-will be explored at Lifetree Café.

The program, titled "Miracles or Mere Coincidences? Does Everything Happen for a Reason?" features the filmed story of Robin Alm, a woman who believes a miracle occurred in her life.

"There's no way what happened could have happened without God being involved," says Alm. "I absolutely believe miracles happen today."

This program will provide an opportunity for those who believe they've experienced a miracle to share and explore their stories.

August 7, 7:00pm: Overcoming Childhood Pain: Facing unresolved family issues (video preview)

How to overcome childhood pain will be discussed at Lifetree Café.

The program features the filmed story of Delisa Mayer, whose family took part in an ill-fated university study during Mayer's childhood.

The outcome of that study-to introduce a newborn chimpanzee into the family and raise it as a human child-shaped Mayer's childhood and led to her parents' divorce.

"Our family was torn up," says Mayer. "It was a hard thing to live through."


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