Mission Team Heading Back to Zimbabwe

Jim Gourley and Sue McCann (First UMC, Portsmouth, NH) will be returning to Zimbabwe for the second time this year and will be working at the UMC Nyadire Mission, a remote village location about 150 miles NE of the capitol of Harare. While there, they will be working and supporting the following programs:

Rural Clinic Upgrade – a program to start renovating six rural UMC clinics supported by the UMC Hospital at Nyadire. This critical program will continue for several years, so it's important that all starts well. Jim and Sue will help with financial and budget procedures, progress tracking and reporting, on-site inspection and actual construction, long term sustainability, etc. They hope to spend some of their time living at Chikwizo a very remote location along the Mozambique border which will be the site of the first renovation effort.

Nyadire Farm – the farm is working to optimize returns in 3 areas which are poultry, butchery, and horticulture. Jim and Sue will work with the farm manager and the Farm Committee to develop financial management tools that track and report progress and will be helping to examine possibilities for expanding these efforts.

Micro-Loans – This program, to provide very small loans to local entrepreneurs to start or expand small business ventures, is working very well. Jim and Sue will help answer questions such as: Should it be expanded? Should any procedures be revised? Can financial reporting be improved?

Having two Individual Volunteers in Mission (IVIM) on site for an extended period of time will help immensely in solidify the many programs currently supported at Nyadire and will allow for improved oversight and possible program and project expansion.

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