Mission 100 Club 2013

The Mission 100 Club is back for 2013.  As a refresher, Mission 100 is a Nichols-Bethel program for second mile giving in support of Volunteers in Mission (VIM) and Global Mission projects.  The goal is to get at least 100 members of the congregation to “buy” at least one “share” in the mission club at the cost of $100 per share per year.  Groups within the church such as Sunday School classes or study groups can also participate by buying shares.  The funds will be used to purchase the supplies and materials for the global mission projects supported by our church.  One example of a supported project is Jim Gourley’s VIM trips to Zimbabwe and the Republic of the Congo.  To participate, just forward the price of a “share” (either as a single donation or spread over several donations) to Nichols-Bethel, marked for the Mission 100 Club.  To learn more about this effort, contact Doug Wallace through the church office.

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