Chesapeake Bay Workcamp 2013

We are kicking off the journey to cosponsoring a Group Cares Home Repair Workcamp here in Anne Arundel County.  Over the next several months, we will kick off teams to get ready for approximately 400 campers to arrive here to work on 50-60 homes in our community.  This is a big effort and there will be ways for everyone to give of their time and talents.

Right now we are kicking off the Fundraising and Lodging Teams.  The Fundraising Team will plan and execute fundraisers with a goal of raising a minimum of $20,000.  The Lodging Team will assist with locating a facility and acting as the liaison to that facility.  We are also looking for someone to serve as the Treasurer for the camp.  If you have an interest in or suggestions for any of these areas, please contact Barry or Janet Oren at 410-923-3365 (please leave a message) or


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