MYF Fall 2011


We are so excited to starting this year off in the new welcome center!  The new youth room will be ready to go for our good use.  Please join us on September 17 and 18 for all the fun and festivities.  We will need YOUTH volunteers for both days.  On September 17 we will need youth to sit at our tables advertising the UMYF program and our Camp Hope Missions.  We will also need some youth to act as tour guides around the new building.  Then, the same thing on Sunday morning.  We are also selling the commemorative T-Shirts for the church.  There is lots going on that weekend and one that is truly historic in the life of our church.  DON’T MISS OUT!


In order to take some time to remember the 10th anniversary of September 11, and to remember Baltimore’s role in the Battle of Baltimore and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner, the church will be taking a bus down to Fort McHenry for Defender’s Day celebrations.  The event is FREE!  You only need to bring a chair or blanket to sit on and a bag/picnic lunch.  It will be VERY CROWDED because of the special nature of this year’s celebration.  There is a re-enactment of the battle, the army band plays a concert, and there is a terrific fireworks display.  It really is a terrific night and we should celebrate and enjoy together.


As always, we will share our experience at Camp Hope with the church on September 25 at ALL 3 SERVICES!  Please wear your grey with lime green writing Camp Hope shirts to church that day.  Plan to stay after for a Cook – out with hamburgers and hot dogs.  Please bring a covered dish to share…a salad, a casserole, or dessert.  We still have chips left over from camp.  See you there!


Of course…they are coming!  Over 1,000 Pumpkins will be delivered and we will be selling, selling, selling!  This is a HUGE fundraiser for the youth and we need EVERYONE to participate.  PLEASE take some 2 hour shifts over those 2 weeks.  We really need everyone to sign up and chip in!


During the fall fest on October 16, we will have the First annual KICKBALL GAME of Kids vs. Parents!  There will be team captains, t-shirts, challenges thrown.  This will be AWESOME!


Of course, we will also spend time this year in Bible study.  Since we have a beautiful new youth room and are really focusing on reaching out to the community, we will spend some time talking about what Jesus teaches about Welcome.  Hopefully, we will have lots of new members and we will need to bring them into our UMYF family.  So, let’s take some time to discuss the nature of welcome and apply it to our church lives, and our school lives.


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