Camp Hope – Help Us Fill Our Toolbox

As the UMYF begins to approach our journey to Camp Hope, we are beginning to assemble our yearly supplies list.  Most of the items that we need for our tool box are disposable items and need to be replaced annually.  YOU CAN HELP!  Here is an assembled list of items that we typically purchase from WalMart before we leave for Frostburg.  Next time you are out at WalMart, or the grocery store, or the Lowes, why not give your Youth Group a thought and pick up something off the list.  These items can also be found on the bulletin board outside of  the Youth Room.  Bring it to church and fill our Tool Box located in the downstairs hallway outside the Youth room.

  1. Boxes of assorted, individually wrapped chips for lunches
  2. Boxes of individually wrapped cookies.  (we love your baking, but things typically go stale before we can enjoy)
  3. Cases of bottled water
  4. Paper Towels
  5. BUG SPRAY!!!!!
  6. Waterproof, sweatproof, SPF 50, UVA and UVB, paba free  Sunscreen
  7. Clorox antibacterial wipes
  8. Wasp Spray (we will need about 20 cans to start)
  9. “Off” yard and deck spray for other insects
  10. 40 gift bags from the dollar store or WalMart to put the T-shirts in as a gift for the kids
  11. Heavy Duty Trash Bags
  12. 7-9 Inch Box fans
  13. 2, 25 foot long orange extension chords
  14. PAINT BRUSHES!!!!  Different Sizes needed (WalMart has a 5 piece set that is useful)
  15. Red Pole Roller Extenders (these have multiple uses throughout the week)
  16. Paint Can Lids (red, $2.92 WalMart…they have a spout to keep the paint from spilling)
  17. Roller Trays and Liners
  18. Paint Stirring sticks
  19. Roller Covers
  20. Paint Trim Trays $2.00
  21. Buckets to hold paint (3 sizes…$.87, $1.87, $2.37 with a silver handle)
  22. Rolls of Painters Tape – Edge Lock!  Preferably colored
  23. 5 rolls duct tape
  24. Caulk guns
  25. DOOR STOPS!  (We need about 20 small brown door stops to be used at the dorm.  We buy them every year and leave them for the next group to follow us.)
  26. Plastic rolls of Drop Cloths
  27. “Goof Off” or some similar product (10 cans to start)
  28. Work Goggles
  29. Terry Cloth towels for painting
  30. 5 new hammers

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