G O D: Basic Course 101 – The Father: Maker of Heaven and Earth

You grew up at church. It’s your first time ever. Either way, 1 line you likely know. “I believe in God the Father, Maker of Heaven and earth.” That’s cool. But why on earth should I care? The Bible. 66 books. Stories galore. Great stuff. Weird stuff. Easy stuff. Hard stuff. God and Jesus. And that Holy Spirit thing. Hmmm. Could we just get back to basics? I get asked that a lot. So let’s do just that. (Old John Wesley, #1 Mr. Methodist, our founder, had a line about this: In essentials unity. Let’s GET IT… together. In non-essentials liberty. “Methodist’s think and let think,” John used to say. In all things charity. “Love one another, because God loves us and sent God’s son, our Savior.”) Friends, there’s nothing more basic than this: God the Father, Maker of Heaven and earth. Why care? Because on this, absolutely everything depends. ‘That we are. ‘Who we are. ‘Why we are. ‘How we are. Genesis to Revelation! Beginning to end! [CWS Gen. Txt.]

n the beginning God, creating heaven and earth. ‘Moving over the face of the waters. And all it takes is a word. “Let there be light.” SNAP! Kaboom! And so it is. No architects, engineers, building permits, zoning hearings, contactors or committees, celestial or otherwise. No figure lifted at first. ‘Time for that the next 5 days. Only on the 6th day, the utter image, the pleasing likeness of God, Godself. YOU and I. Our kin and kind. God backstepped and camera-shot. “Yes. Good. VERY good,” he said. For these reasons we should care: deeply, personally. a) Now we know SOMEbody’s in charge. (It’s not you. What a relief.) The world’s not spinning outta control, regardless the reports. Your day’s not pointless, no matter how dumb the job, boring the school work, wrenching the experience. Random doesn’t rule. Things are under control, no matter how they seem. (Put that against the news). b) ALL is for a reason. Every thing and creature has a purpose, a place. You and I were born to be/do/strive for something bigger than ourselves, and in some way of God! For God. c) Good’s the word for what God’s made. VERY. Sun, moon, stars, mountains, valleys, winged birds, every swimming kind, us. But also every thing that creeps, or gives you the creeps. Glorious is Holy. Creepy’s holy too. Think about that the next time you declare someone a creep! d) You, yes you, made of God’s hand, are dearest to his heart. ‘Next time you feel low or lost remember. The very light of the universe is changed by where you are, that you are, how light you are. Albeit infinitesimal, you change the light the earth gives off for God to see. You’re irreplaceable (Little less than God, Ps. 8). You are a fraction of eternity. You see the past, ancient recent to ancient. Glimpse the sun and you see minutes ago. ‘Any star, 1000’s ago. And no life beyond earth (even God, maybe), sees you in real time. The celestial speed limit, the speed of light makes our daily light everyone else’s future. (‘Makes your head spin, your heart soar.) Know God’s maker, see God’s hand.

But there’s even more to it. Our Maker makes himself visible. It’s an act of his creation. Of course there’s the work of his fingers. But also the sight of his face. [CWS Jn.] “How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Don’t you believe I’m in the Father, the Father in me?”

O, Jesus. Sweet Jesus! Learn no theology at all, no Bible, no nothing, except this. “When I see the face of Jesus I see God, and live!” If this is your lot, you have what the 1st ever believers had, a living encounter, an experience of God brighter than even old Moses and his burning bush. And it gives life, not death! Moreover, since only God is Self-made (we are not), God made himself ready to emptied into our form. Jesus face frames God’s face. So when we think on God, are told about God, share about God, we can include all that is in Christ’s face and nothing that is not. Learn the mercy, forgiveness, rightness, fairness, healing and selflessness of Christ, and you see and know the heart and face of God. Declare God told you to do the ungodly (cf. news events), allow yourself to speak the unkind or unjust (cf. news), refuse to forgive, and you do not see and do not know him. Jesus says, “You prefer darkness and do not come to the light.” Best of all, this self-emptying, cross-enduring God in Christ, made Godself from the start to be held as bread in our hand and the cup at our lip. It is the better part of the heaven God makes and the earth God adores. And it’s mine/yours!

O, knowing God as maker of heaven and earth makes all the difference. Did you have a day last week, or an hour, or maybe it’s still comin’”? ‘A day when you said to yourself or anybody who’d listen, “I just don’t know. I just don’t see how this is all going to come out.” Well, I have good news! Yes you do know! Sure you do. [CWS Rev.] “HE showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb …through the middle of the city street; also… the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, fruitful each month. The leaves of that tree: for the healing of the nations. Nothing cursed anymore. God and his Lamb our center and our praise. We shall see his face, and his name shall be on our foreheads. Night: no more! God our light, and for ages and ages we will be God’s AMEN.”

Believe it! God the Father, Maker of Heaven and earth. And you can know God’s hand.  ‘And see God’s face. ‘Hold his heart (his Christ) in your hand. ‘And know just how it will all come out.

Only believe!

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