If Walls Could Talk: O, What a Story

Gee, WHIZ, I’m glad to see ya’! I’ve missed you. ‘Missed your stories; sharing whatever of God’s in mine. I’ve been on vacation, but haven’t vacated that place where souls ask, “Is there any word from the Lord?” In fact, about ½ my time was spent sifting and searching through some 72 gracious requests, recommendations and reflections from 2+ dozen of you. “These are our struggles,” you say. “‘Our questions, our needs for God’s Word and Christ’s company. Here’s where we need a witness!”

Witnesses. That’s us! Seers & tellers. Jesus’ followers have always been witnesses. So too, the faithful of old Israel… whose stories Christ carried as the Bible of his soul, the Hebrew Scriptures. It’s remarkable the variety and vitality of those called to testify to God – coming to seek and save us. Just look. Creation itself. The mouths of babes and infants. The heavens, the work of God’s fingers, the moon and the stars, full grown women and men. (Ps. 8) Prophets and prostitutes, the religious and rebellious, the rocks and the revived. Renegade Moses to real-easy Rahab; Jeremiah to Jonah; Palm Sunday paraders to Lazarus lifted from the stone cold tomb. Witnesses. ‘None left out! Well, maybe just one! What if …walls could talk? My, my! Suppose the bushes bore witness, where Adam and Eve hid out from God? What would be the talk from the timbers of the Ark? Or the tales from the Temple where Isaiah was called, or the plaster that pulsed with the Spirit when Gabriel whispered to Mary. What, the upshot… if the Upper Room did eavesdrop? Wouldn’t it be something if you and I could get a witness, a first-hand low-down from the hallowed ground where God’s foot-fall has touched down? God in Christ would want us to know! ….One of the youngest who set me prayin’ and studyin’ these last 3 weeks asked: COULD YOU JUST HELP US SEE THE BIG PICTURE, Genesis to Jesus? What’s it all about? I asked the Lord for help. He sent a word from a block of stone, cast off Babel’s Tower. He pried a promise from the window ledge, where a young woman heard it off the lips of the archangel of archangels!

Take it from a block of stone: LEARN THE LEGO LESSON. PLAY GOOD, DON’T PLAY GOD! Fail, and all you build up will fall down. Your language will be confused. ‘Your project put on hold… longer than you might ever hold on. This is big stuff at the start of the Bible’s big picture. But it’s as simple as those little things we give to kids at play. Remember. ‘Adam and Eve, evicted from Eden, trading the Garden for a Granny Smith Apple! (Bummer!) Cain and Able have already wrestled. Murder’s melted the first-ever mom’s heart. Noah and the Mrs. ‘been watchin’ the Weather Channel. “Dude! Can’t you see those clouds comin’?” (We never do!) Their boys are just off the Ark. Their kids are havin’ kids. Already (just verses from the flood), they’ve got a bright idea: a tower to the sky, “a name for ourselves”, a chance to be high as the Lord! Even the stones of the tower could tell us. “Will you never learn? The Lord our God is One. (And you’re not the One! It is He that hath made us and not we ourselves. Ps 100) And you think I’m a blockhead!” O, let these old walls talk!  DON’T PLAY GOD!

PLAY GOOD. Did you know? Lego’s Danish, from leg goht: play well! In 1932 Kirk Christiansen used it for his wooden blocks, miniatures of Babel’s blocks. But soon-in-plastic Lego’s took their classic form and began to teach lifetime lessons. Babel’s stones could only look on and lecture, “I ‘been tryin to tell you this +1,000 years!” PLAY GOOD, not God! The secret: BUILDING BEGINS WITH CONNECTING. The extensions from the top are perfectly fitted to the tubes within. Make the connection and all is well. Don’t, and not even Humpty Dumpty will ever be a good egg again! How are you doin’ at connecting Who’s above with what’s inside you? Belittle the top connection (God) and you-are-weakened-and-fall like Babel’s tower or your kid’s mis-creations. Make yourself too big, and what you intend will never fit securely… the loosy-goosy connection will not hold tight, and your dreams will tumble! This is very practical. When you dream, do you really include God? When you take stock, is Heaven your partner, or is what’s good all your doin’? (How I remember gardener/preacher Bobby Bishop’s line. “God and me are in business together. The savin’ business. ‘Bobby,’ He says, ‘I’ll do the savin’, you do the weedin’ and rakin’. ‘Long as I get that, God gets the harvest, I get the stronger.’) BEGIN CONNECTING with God, then with each other. Babel’s blocks or Lego’s, a block by itself is not a wall, a wall not a tower, and a tower not a home… without connection between us! Jesus’ still commands “…your neighbor as yourself!” All around us objects: Culture, family, us! Our truest trinity: ME. I. My. Watch TV. Surf the web. Ask: whose face is on my Facebook page? (Stats say our own, by over 1000/1)! O, God’s brought a modern scattering Babel’s blocks foretell: we text, not talk; like God come down to confuse our language, our generations do not understand one another’s speech! Loves or households, churches or nations, we can’t build lest we connect. A block will never be more if left alone… Daa!!!

THE BIG PICTURE, Genesis to Jesus! O, the story, if walls could talk. Genesis 11: blocks of scattering sin & sorrow’s sadness. Luke 1: Mary’s house of hope! For all our films and portraits, Heaven only knows the scene of Gabriel with Mary! And the walls that saw and heard. What would they say? 1st, that what Mary heard was not for her alone.The Lord is with you, not against you!” (A week from a new classes, a day from a new job, a night from the doctor’s report …how’s that?!) If plaster can hear God say, “No fear!”, how much dare you worry while sittin’ right here?!” And get this. God is not neutral! Like Mary, you have found favor! [There’s a holy thumb on the scale! It’s like (cashier) Safeway-me announcing a head of leaf lettuce @ 1.5 lb!, only to discover the milk jug holding down 1 edge. But here, the advantage sits our side. Only Satan and his minions are diminished.] “You will conceive!” Ok, not quite like Mary, maybe. But how many of us, just like Mary, just can’t imagine, believe, conceive that God has a mission and a blessing in store for us? [Gourley, Zimbabwe//Water, Train//Homeless Shelter, Hope//Kitchen, Family United] ‘How many of us are the destination of unexpected forgiveness, unbelievable healing, inexpressible relief? But this is not the last or the best. If Mary’s walls could talk, they’d tell you just what to name this saving grace! Luck? No! Chance? No! Your Earnings? No? Your Just Reward? Heavens No! There’s only one name Gabriel would promise and Mary’s walls pronounce. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! And here’s the best of the best. Should you say to those wonderful walls, to Mary or her angel, “What did I do to deserve this?” all of them will answer, “Nothing; absolutely nothing.” And should you ask, “How long can this last ?” you’re bound to hear a voice from the crack in the wall still echoing what Mary heard, “Without end!” “Without end!” “Without end!” Now, wouldn’t it be something if together we stood like Mary and said to these sacred 4 walls, [standing, turning clockwise from front], “Lord, let it be with me, according to your word!”  What a story, when walls begin to talk!

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