Grill and Chill – See the Earth Move

No seismographs required, and there aren't any mountains on the property that need moving, but we ARE moving earth and breaking ground! ?Rain or shine, though we seem to have more of the latter recently.

Grill and Chill Picnic : Thursday, July 8th at 6:30pm

Come to Nichols-Bethel for our Grill and Chill picnic and worship.? We?ll provide the ?dogs & burgers, drinks; you bring vegetables, casseroles, salads, desserts.? OUTDOORS if possible, INSIDE if needed.

Dedication of the Grounds: Thursday, July 8th at 7:15pm

Then we?ll make our way to the west side of the property for our dedication of the grounds. ?What a wonderful way to cap the celebrations of family, faith and country across the July 4 holiday! ?We?ll share a brief dedication of the grounds ?7:15pm, concluding by 7:45pm.

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