Vacation Bible School – July 11-16

Galactic Blast VBS is coming!!

July 11—16, 2010 from 6:30pm until 8:30pm

In this year’s Vacation Bible School 2010, your cadets will voyage into outer space praising God. Through daily missions, your kids will see space like never be-fore, gain a new perspective on our planet Earth, and learn easy "green" earth tips they can practice at home. This cosmic combination of faith and fun will have your cadets developing a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

  • Session One – The Creation Story; Children are re-minded of all God has created – both seen and un-seen.
  • Session Two – God is with Elijah at Mt. Horeb; Chil-dren are reminded that God is always with them just like the moon is always next to the earth, even when it can't be seen.
  • Session Three – Jesus knows the woman at the well; Children are reminded when they look into a star-filled sky that God has created and knows each star just as God has created and cares for each one of them.
  • Session Four – Jesus heals a blind beggar; Children are reminded that a comet is nothing more than a dirty snowball in outer space until it comes close to the sun and transforms into a brilliant glow in the sky just as their lives are transformed as they grow into a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Session Five – Jesus appears on the road to Emmaus Children learn that a super nova is an exploding star giving birth to new stars just as Jesus’ life and res-urrection gives new birth to all who believe in him.

There is a VBS Class for any age group—Babies to Adult!  Contact the church office (410-674-2272 or  for details.

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