Ground Breaking for Site Preparation – July 8

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS! We should be breaking ground on the site work on or about July 8, 2010. . The site work includes new parking, storm water drains and storm water management, water and sewer lines, fire hydrants, etc. Horst Construction Company will be performing the site work. In addition, Horst Construction continues to work with the Building Committee and Cornerstone Design Architects to complete the drawings for the Welcome Center. Horst and Cor-nerstone have worked together on many church con-struction projects. You may find more information about the Horst Construction Company at its website: .

The 80% construction drawings for the Welcome Center Project are posted on our church web site. Your feedback continues to be very positive. The Welcome Center, as designed by Dale Yoder, will feature about a 9,000 sq. ft. addition with a new entry, new contemporary worship space, functional space for meet and greet, book area, café including kitchenette, and fully accessible new restrooms with shower, new full-sized elevator for increasing accessibility for the entire church building, new youth area, classrooms, and full site development including additional parking spaces. We are scheduled to have complete drawings in late June.

We need your financial HELP! As of June 13, 2010, the Building Fund has raised about $879,998. We have set a new goal of reaching $1,050,000 for the building fund to the cover the higher cost of the site work. Raising $170,002 over the next several months will allow us to achieve our goal and limit or eliminate advances from general funds. With your help, we will reach and hopefully exceed that goal across this summer and into the early fall. Would you prayerfully consider giving to the Building Fund? We truly appreciate your support.

Reaching our goal will yield significant savings in interest to be paid. Then we can also accurately complete our finance plan and communicate it to you, financial institutions and the District. Many approvals lie ahead. Our congregation will meet and decide our course. Our United Methodist District Committee will need to come on board and all county and local permits will need to be granted. Only then we can begin build-ing
Our project presents us with excitement, challenge, opportunity and work to be done. We can now see what our vision may look like. Many have expressed enthusiasm with our model and rendering. We can see more precisely what will be our needs to bring this building to life. And we serve a community about to get larger with new neighbors and new calls for us to serve Christ by serving one another and serving them.

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