Mama, Moses and Jesus: Carpooling on 695!

O, there was a time. MOM, most likely found… in the kitchen. This is not that time. Today, mom’s as likely in the boardroom, classroom, computer room. But there is 1 common place for moms and womenfolk. ‘Behind the wheel! The doctor’s run, grocery gambit, kids to school and practice, school and practice, school and practice. Come on… summer break! And all those trips to the pool and the mall. If only there were frequent flier miles for moms! I’ve got a better idea. A carpool: with Moses, Jesus and Mom! Just imagine… Moses, Jesus and Mom on 695! What would they say? How would it go? What would we learn for life & faith?

Mom might kickoff the conversation like this. “Mr. Moses, thanks for driving today. I just love what you do with the traffic! [Part.] But you might wanna learn to use the GPS. I hear you’re prone to wander. And I just don’t have 40 years to pick up the kids, get granny to the doctor, get to the store and cleaners.” Some silence follows. Mom’s getting impatient, really perturbed. Her head turns from left to right on the front seat. There sits Jesus. “Lord,” she says, “Carest Thou not if we perish; how canst Thou fall asleep?” The Lord notices, “Nobody talks like that anymore. Besides, I’ve already heard this complaint. (That time, I was boating.)” He looks out at the traffic. He utters “Peace, be still!” Horns stop; aggressive drivers signal their turns. Trucks head for the right lane. YES! But Mom, Mom’s still not happy. And even Moses and Jesus both learned long ago, when mama ain’t happy….

Brace yourself. On behalf of moms everywhere, and grannies, sisters, aunts, wives, and women who just care for others as women are prone to do… this mom really opens up! “Holy Moses! Sweet Jesus! Let me tell you what’s really on my mind. I love everyone I love. I love loving/doing for them. I try to live by your commands, Moses. I teach them, too. And Lord, Lord Jesus, I try to follow your example. ‘Do as I do,’ you say. ‘Be perfect, like your Father in heaven,’ you say. Well, I’m tryin’. But I’m tired, and sometimes don’t get it. So many take advantage. And bad things still happen all around us, and even to the loves of my life. It hurts when I get ignored. The kids make me mad. ‘No respect! There’s that guy in my life who just wants to watch the ballgame. I worry, especially when my prayers seem to go unanswered. Still, I’m proud of those I love and want to protect. I’m hopeful. Afterall, ‘I am woman, hear me roar!’ I belong to you both, and to God. I know. I thank God every day.”

Whew! So, Ma, tell us what you really feel, Moses and Jesus must be thinkin’. Moses doesn’t want to be a distracted driver. He pulls off 695, Exit 18B, lookin’ for a place to pull over. It’s just a couple blocks to Little Vinny’s Tatoo Parlor. Moses pulls in, turns the key, turns to Mom. Jesus lets Moses speak first. (That IS his habit.) “My Dear,” he says to Mom, “About those Commandments. I’m glad you honor and teach them. But you got stuff to learn. They’re all for you! Not just Mother’s Day’s #5, honor your mother and father. Go to Exodus 20 [now] any time. Read it to the kiddies and the guy on the sofa (just commandeer the clicker now and then)! Take the 1st 2. God 1st, no knock offs or cheap imitations. Talk about your priorities. Your identity. Get it straight and help your loved ones to. Nothing else is more important than God and good. Whenever you think this would be good, remember good is just an adjective (a describing word) for God. Know and teach: if God is not in it, good is not! And ditch the no graven image thing as little stone idols. It’s about makin’ anything, even your own image a substitute for God. And that includes your own body, and especially your daughter’s. Teach your girls. Don’t desire to be worshipped like a goddess. 1 God’s enough, and you’re not ever gonna be it! Good/God on the inside’s always the main attraction! Remember, teach. God’s-name-in-vain is out. Your words are God’s breath. Don’t waste God’s breath on words you’ll wanna take back! Oh, take the Sabbath off. Take a day for you and God. (They say Sundays are good.) It’s not that this is a rule. It’s a blessing. Practice and teach. Sabbath sets us apart. That’s what holy means, set apart. Ignore it and we lose track of what we’re workin’ for!  Sabbath tells us where we came from, and are headed. Rest and praise-time pull us toward freedom in the tug-of-war with needs. God-Time pulls us from the lies that tempt, and the temptations that lie.

And as for honor…” Right about here, mom’s head’s swimmin’. and Jesus would like a little equal time. “Excuse me, Moses.” Mom turns to Jesus. (‘Always a good move!) “A mom story’d help.”

“This Canaanite woman, a non-believer came begging me, ‘Have mercy, Lord, my daughter’s possessed!’ I said not a word. My friends begged, ‘Send her away. She’s bugging us.’ I told her, ‘My job’s with Israel!’ She begged me. I said. ‘It’s not fair to give you what’s meant for others. You wouldn’t take from your daughter for your dog! She said, ‘True, but I’d make sure he got the scraps. I’m not askin’ much!’ I said, ‘Madame, what faith! So be it!’ Her daughter was healed instantly.” There in the car, Mom spoke what we often think. (Moms do that!) “Jesus, thanks, but  I don’t get it!”

Our Lord looked Mom squarely in the eye. “Well, Mom, it’s like this. You too live with folks you love. You try to be perfect, just like that storied mom. But whereas you think that means unflawed, she knew it means complete, single-minded for love’s sake. That’s my desire! She knew trust makes all the difference, and all things possible. Do you? [Do we?] O, she was as tired as you. Every caregiver gets put upon and put down. (Her! You!) Don’t think she-and-her-daughter didn’t have it out now-&-then. Troubled loved ones always give us trouble. We who love deepest absorb hurt most often and deeply. She strove as hard to be good/mom as you. ‘To keep Moses’ commands and mine. She couldn’t imagine why that didn’t keep her and hers from evil, hurt and harm. But doing good and doing right are not to keep you from evil, but to keep you from doing evil… or missing the moment to do good. To do God! Do not worry that your prayers seem unheard. Just don’t leave God’s prayers undone! Do no harm. Do all the good you can. Stay in love with God every way and day you can. [JW] And your worry will turn to wonder, and God will take you and yours to heart, held in the hollow of God’s own hand!

No more waiting. What a healing!”

Well, time to start the car. Back on 695. Mom agrees to drive. Jesus navigates. (Moses wonders at how straight is the Beltway, and how well marked the exits. If only it had been like that on the Sinai Parkway!) He looks at Mom behind the wheel. She’s got it, he muses. To be honored, is to honor those who made us, our own mothers and dads. ‘And the One who made them. The Holy One. It’s to know and be who we are, and were made and molded to be. Set apart. Directed. Good. Of God! Loved. Answered. Answering. Helping. Hoping. Not perfect, just whole! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, ALL!

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