Homeless Shelter 2009

During the first week of March, Nichols-Bethel ministered successfully to 11 homeless men and 14 women. This successful ministry was made possible by the willingness of so many members of our congregation to step out in faith and extend a hand to these men and women, by providing transportation, by staying with them in the shelter, by preparing and serving their meals, and many other acts of Christian kindness. This year we kept the shelter open on Sunday to make it a true "day of rest" and we provided opportunities for our guests to do laundry, both of which were much appreciated. To accomplish all this, more than 60 Nichols-Bethel members devoted approximately 600 total hours of volunteer service during this week and I believe that we touched the lives of our guests in important ways. I want to thank all of you who gave so freely of your time and energy. It was an uplifting week for me and I hope all of you feel similarly blessed.

Jim Roser

Shelter Director

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