What is ROCK?


ROCK Retreat is an exciting Christian weekend retreat in which youth in 6th-12th grade from the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church will gather at the Ocean City Convention Center. The purpose of the retreat is to "ROCK" the lives of our youth and help them into a new or deeper faith and personal relationship with the ROCK of our Salvation, Jesus Christ. Nichols-Bethel has attended for many years now, and each year we have found it gets better! This weekend is really a time away to focus on how we struggle in our walk with Christ. Each year has a theme and a message. This year's theme is "Mission Possible." We remember all things are possible through Christ. Saturday night typically concludes with an altar call. This gives youth an opportunity to make a public declaration of their faith in Christ and accept Him as the Savior of their lives. Every year, we have more and more youth make this declaration. Saturday afternoon is spent as free time and Bible study. We have ice skated, swam, walked the Board Walk, snacked on Thrashers Fries, and challenged each other at Ski Ball! Meals are provided in the hotel room, and dinner is out at a nice restaurant on our own. This trip really gives our group the momentum is needs to finish the school years and to re-dedicate our lives to Christ. It is moving for the youth, as well as adult chaperones. Remember – "I can…you can…we can…I got your back!

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