UMYF Activities — Costs for 2008-2009

This is just a break down to help plan and to stick to due dates. Our goal is that no youth be precluded from attending any event because of the cost. God always provides a way! We want our youth to participate in as many activities as possible to further and deepen their walk with Christ.

1. Revolve Weekend Nov. 7-8 Philadelphia, PA

Registration Fee: $65
Hotel and Breakfast $60
Dinner on your own, lunch on your own
Total: $125

2. Boys Jamboree November 7-8 Baldwin's House

Meals and supplies $40
Due: Near the weekend

3. Manidoken May 23-25 Harpers Ferry, WV

Lodging and Meals: $150
Dinner on own driving there
Due: End of May

4. ROCK January 30-February 1, 2009

Carousel Hotel 118th street $100
2 breakfasts
1 lunch
Dinner on drive, 1 "fancy" dinner on own
Total: $175
Due: November 30

5. Camp Hope

Work Team $100
Camper $250
Transportation $50
Gas and supplies $30 Total: $430
Due: $215 February 8, $215 May 10
All Fundraising Activities will be deducted from the
second payment.

6. Youth Sunday T-Shirts $10-$15

Due: March 15


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