UMYF has begun a new tradition of attending Manidoken near Harper’s Ferry West Virginia.  It is one of the three retreat/camping centers for the Baltimore Washington Conference.  We have enjoyed time there the week leading to Thanksgiving, and this year we are looking forward to spending Memorial Day weekend there.  We stay in lodges with bunk beds and private bathrooms.  The food is provided in their cafeteria and we eat family style.  Don’t worry…IT IS AMAZING!  We have spent time team building on the ropes course, and this year are looking forward to some time tubing and white water rafting.  Bible study is lead by Meghan Humbert, the Director of Youth Ministries.  Rev. and Mrs. Humbert come during the last night and serve an intimate communion.  The youth design the service based on the theme of the weekend.  This has proven to be a meaningful experience for our individual group and has brought us all together and sisters and brothers in Christ.

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