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There’s a new article and topic for discussion in our online bible study.  Here’s an excerpt.

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Tuesday was Veterans Day, an observance dating from the signing of the armistice to end World War I, which was known at the time as the "Great War," and the "War to end all wars." President George W. Bush marked the day by speaking at the Manhattan pier that is home to the World War II aircraft carrier Intrepid. He praised veterans past and present who have defended U.S. liberty.

In Europe, where the day is called Armistice Day, France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, Britain's Prince Charles, German Parliament Speaker Peter Muller and Australia's Governor General Quentin Bryce held a joint remembrance ceremony at France's Fort Douaumont, where more than 300,000 men died in over 300 days during the Battle of Verdun of the Great War.

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