Pre-School Offering & Wish List

Our Nichols-Bethel Pre-School concludes its 2007-08 session on May 21st. As we prepare for next fall we invite you to support this ministry in two ways. Below is a list of needed items and supplies. We invite you to secure and bring to church on Sunday, June 1st (please note some items are brand specific. These have shown to be suitable to the heavy use our pre-schoolers give them). Our communion love offering on June 1 will also be given to support the pre-school. This is a wonderful ministry and by either or both of these means we invite you to join in the adventure of serving the children of our church and community.

4 pkgs. of Crayola colored chalk
4 pkgs. of Crayola white chalk
10 Elmer’s glue sticks
1 gallon of Elmer’s Glue-All (washable)
12 – 4oz bottles of Elmer’s Glue-All (washable)
2- 6 packs Playdoh (primary colors)
2-8 pack Crayola Washable Markers (large)
12 pkgs – 8 pack large Crayola crayons
4 pkgs. – 12 pack Colored Pencils
1 large pkg. of 2” Silver paperclips
2 pkgs. – 12 Bic “Sofet Feel” pens (black ink)
9 Dial soap (white)
3 large cans of Lysol disinfectant spray
4 bottles of anti-bacterial Windex spray
6 bottles of “Clorox Anywhere” spray
8 pkgs. napkins
1 case of 5oz. plastic cloudy cups – can purchase at Wagner’s Store
in Glen Burnie
1 case of Bounty paper towers
8 boxes of Puffs Plus tissues
2 large Purell disinfectant gel pumps
2 Etch-a-Sketch
2 Magna-Doodles
2 Fisher Price cash registers (red, orange & yellow coins)
4-6 Hardwood puzzles

1-2 Volunteers to paint the 2 pre-school rooms and shelves
Paint for painting the 2 pre-school rooms
2 small tables (27”w x 22”l)

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