Architect Presents Master Plan to the Administrative Board

On February 28, 2008, Jack Althouse with the architectural firm of Althouse, Jaffee, Associates, LLC presented the overall Master Plan for Nichols-Bethel United Methodist Church to the Administrative Board, and specifically, reviewed the plans for the new Family Life Center.  The Administrative Board unanimously approved the Building Committee to proceed with the development of architectural building plans for the Base Bid, Alternate One, and Alternate Two.

The Base Bid includes the main Family Life Center, kitchen, restrooms, some storage, a classroom/meeting room, and a second floor unfinished.  The total area of the finished space is 9,274 square feet, and 2,408 square feet of unfinished space as a second floor.  The estimated construction cost of the Base Bid ranges from $1,729,208 to $1,938,748.

Alternate One includes the Lobby Connector to the existing Educational Wing of the Church consisting of 2,255 square feet of finished space, second floor unfinished portion of lobby connector consisting of 2,255 square feet, and minimal renovations to connect to the existing building. The estimated construction cost of Alternate One ranges from $639,460 to $719,610.

Alternate Two includes finishing the second floor of the unfinished space of the Family Life Center in the Base Bid, finishing the second floor of the Lobby Connector, and installing an elevator. The estimated construction cost of Alternate Two ranges from $834,200 to $926,200.

The members of the Building Committee are:  Addie Baldwin, David Baldwin, Charles Billings, Jim Gourley, Hillary Evert, Diane Jones, Steffanie Felder, Verna Munn, Barry Oren and Jane Lewis.

Ex Officio:   The Pastor, The Minister of Education & Evangelism, Youth Director, and the Chair of the Trustees, the Chair of the Finance Committee, and the Chair of the Administrative Board.

The estimated total cost (construction and other costs) of the new Family Life Center (Base Bid) is over 2.5 million dollars. The Building Committee will continue to work in concert with the Finance Committee to develop alternative sources of funding including grants, if available, bond programs, and financing options to present to the Administrative Board.

Should you have any questions or comments about the new Family Life Center or the Master Plan, please contact Charles Billings at (410) 987-5359.

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