Work Camp 2007 Recap

Where to even begin? I cannot even begin to thank the adults who gave of their time and money to chaperone work camp this year. Kim and Dave Denis, Shane Hess, Grayson Wolfe, Wes Baker, Jim Gourley, and Becky Williams attended Camp Hope while Jackie Oren, Janet Oren, and Barry Oren attended Group WorkCamps. Their faith witness to our youth made each trip a truly spiritual journey. Needless to say there were trying times with home owners, high painting work, really, REALLY big dogs lightning struck roofs, but each handled each and every situation with a Christ-like heart. All of our youth enjoyed successful job sights and were truly moved by the ways in which they encountered God that week. Another thank you goes to the congregation of Nichols-Bethel. We could never have even gotten to work camp had it not been for your prayerful dedication and your financial generosity. The food was immense and abundant. Ask and it shall be given unto you! Thank you so much! We look forward to sharing our experiences with each other and with the church on Sunday, September 16.

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