Looking Forward to Fall

Just a little heads up about upcoming events in September when UMYF will officially reconvene after work camps and vacations. It has been difficult to plan a retreat that would have optimum participation because of school sports and bands starting so early in the month of August. So, we are trying to plan retreat for a late fall/early winter weekend. Perhaps a change from what we are used to. Perhaps a change in venue, perhaps a change in length of time. But, one thing is for sure…some of the old traditions will be present and no matter when or where we go, when we do it in Jesus’ name, it will be a blessing to us all. There will be a work camp Sunday for the church and for the youth to share their experiences and stories as we reflect upon Camp Hope and Group.

Plan on electing a new youth council to help plan and implement events. Of
course…PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS! Yes, the youth choir will be back in full force. Perhaps the biggest thing, is working on the plans for the new building. Lots to look forward to and reflect upon as we prepare for the fall.

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