Winter Relief for the Homeless

During the week of 05-12 March Nichols-Bethel provided shelter for 24 homeless guests (15 men and 9 women) as part of the Arundel House of Hope Winter Relief for the Homeless program. We not only gave our guests shelter from the elements (which were pretty severe that particular week), but we also treated them with kindness and compassion.

During the course of the week, I heard many expressions of gratitude from our guests for the hospitality extended by the members of Nichols-Bethel; I think we made a difference in their lives. This effort required a great deal of hard work by many members of our congregation – at least 60 different people volunteered to prepare the meals, man the shelter watch, and transport our guests to and from Glen Burnie each morning and evening. Those volunteers spent approximately 200 total hours in the kitchen preparing 25 plus dinners each night and 20 lunches for the next day.

The shelter watch personnel spent over 90 hours ministering to the needs of our guests and our drivers made in excess of 70 trips to Glen Burnie and back. We were assisted this year with food preparation by members of the Ark and Dove congregation and by the Ladies of Preceptor Lamda Sorority. I want to thank all of you who gave so selflessly of your time and energy to make this ministry possible. I want to express my special thanks to Rick Binfield, who assisted with managing the shelter; to Hillary Geiger, who coordinated the shelter watch; and to Dolores Bell, who ran the kitchen operation. May God bless all of you for your generosity.

Jim Roser

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