Can There be Another Piece Left?

We’ve been hearing some wonderful words about Project Valentine this year. The reports back are so soaked in thanks and praise. Despite the mean weather, over a score of NBUMC saints were out and about delivering gifts, remembrances and shared moments with nearly fifty folks who can’t get out, or have other special needs. The point is just to share the love of Christ in a personal touch with others. Wouldn’t it be something if we were to launch a larger ministry of sharing and caring? There are these year ‘round at-home households to serve. And those who have illness, with special short-term needs. There are households where grief has paid an unwanted call. DO YOU FEEL GOD MIGHT BE MOVING YOU TO LEND YOUR HAND AND HEART TO SERVING SUCH AS THESE? Over the month of March, we’d like to hear from you! (Just call the church office, 410-674-2272, say a word to Rev.s Ken or Linda, or use one of the sign-ups posted around the church.) Using this information, we’ll gather those interested to see how best to enable our outreach to others, all for Jesus’ sake!

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